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The Best Panties To Avoid VPL

What is a VPL? Well, if you aren’t familiar with the three letters that will instantly turn even the sleekest style into a fashion fail, it’s time to get educated.

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to VPL—which stands for visible panty line—the more you know, the better you will look and feel in everything you wear.


What Causes VPL


Visible panty lines occur when undergarments and outfits don’t play well together, and as such, a noticeable outline can be seen through your clothes. This outline instantly gives anyone and everyone in your path a clear idea as to what underwear you have chosen to wear that day. It can be embarrassing, yes—but even more so, VPL detracts from the “flatter factor” of even the most slimming styles.


How To Avoid VPL


Many women think that the only way to avoid VPL is to wear a thong, but truth be told, that panty myth is outdated. Sure, at one point in time, the thong was the easy—and only—option, since the nature of the cut makes it disappear along the backside. However, even a thong isn’t foolproof if it doesn’t stay where you need it to.


And, what if you aren’t a “thong person”?


Not everyone is—and thanks to innovations in fabric and design technology, you don’t have to be. Whether your personal panty preference is hi-cut, bikini or brief, visible panty lines will no longer ruin your rear view.

Introducing Wacoal’s new Perfectly Placed™ panties, designed to lie flat and stay put, no matter how you move through your day and dance through your night.


The magic starts with the innovative stretch fabric specifically sourced for this collection. Lightweight but never flimsy, the panty moves with you from the second you pull it on until you take it off.


Uncomfortable wedgies and awkward lumps and bumps are a thing of the past, thanks to exposed spandex along the backside that gently grips the skin. These won’t bunch or ride up which is a game changer (and, beyond the VPL benefits, this detail also makes Perfectly Placed™ an amazing option to wear under workout clothes or for tennis and paddle sports!).


All three styles from the of-the-moment hi-cut to the full coverage brief and classic bikini are elastic free, so the edges lie completely flat against the skin, no unsightly pinching or puckering.


Added bonus of elastic-free construction? These may just be the comfiest panties that you will ever wear.


In sizes that range from small to XXL, there is a Perfectly Placed™ pair for everyone. After all, the no visible panty line life is one all women should be able to enjoy, in both comfort and style.

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