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How to Tell If Your Bra Fits Correctly

Our Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Bra FiT

Bra trends come and go, but a good bra fit never goes out of style.

There are 5 Points of Fit™ to consider when determining if a bra is right for your breast size. We know calculating precise measurements can be tricky — that’s why we’ve created a quick and easy bra fitting method you can use at home along with our Bra Fit Calculator. Follow these tips, and you’ll soon become your own fit expert!

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Do your bras provide all the support you need?
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• Pose sideways in the mirror and look at your bustline.

• If the most projected part of your breast aligns to the midpoint of your bent elbow & shoulder, you’re good to go.

• If they fall lower than that, we highly recommend trying a new bra style.


Tip #1: The most comfortable bra is one that lifts your breasts up and away from your body.

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How does your bra band fit?
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• Adjust the bra hooks as needed and raise your arms—the band should stay put.

• If it rides up, that’s a major no-no. Switch to a smaller bra band, stat.

• Pinching and bulging? Not good either. Instead, opt for a larger band.


Tip #2: The band makes up 70% of the support in your bra. It should feel snug, not tight.

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Are you wearing the right cup size?
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• Position your breast at the center of the bra cup.

• If you spill over at your neckline or underarms, a larger cup is a must.

• If gapping is the issue, a smaller cup is your best bet.


Tip #3: When the cup size is just right, your breasts will rest perfectly within the cup.

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Have you adjusted the straps to accommodate your height?
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• Adjust the sliders on the straps of every new bra, you should be able to slide 2 fingers under the strap.

• If you can’t slip your fingers underneath, the straps are too tight.

• If you can lift the strap more than half an inch, straps are too loose.


Tip #4: Bra straps should stay on your shoulders without falling or pressing. Remember, most of the support comes from the band, so the straps don’t need to be too tight.

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Does your bust fit within your body’s frame?
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• Grab a mirror. The sides of your breasts should never extend beyond your body’s frame.

• If you’re busty, consider looking for bra types with slings for more side support.

• Check out our detailed Breast Shape Guide to learn more.


Tip #5: The most flattering bra silhouettes are those that deliver shape-smoothing side support.

Prefer not to DIY? Our Fit Experts are always here to answer your bra questions! Book a free virtual bra consultation for one-on-one guidance and solutions to all your bra fit concerns. And don’t forget to view our step-by-step Bra Fit Calculator.