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Finding a bra that fits comfortably is not simply about size; it’s also about breast shape. The images and descriptions below will help you
determine your breast shape. You can also watch our video series featuring Miryha Fantegrossi, Wacoal’s Head of Design sharing the
elements of the five breast shapes. Once you identify your breast shape, choosing the right bras will be much easier.


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Breasts that are equally full at the top and the bottom.

Bra Fit Tip: Women who have round breasts can benefit greatly from a variety of different bra types.


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Breasts that have less fullness at the top than at the bottom. Women who have breastfed often have this breast shape.

Bra Fit Tip: Bras that feature an elastic neckline and close-set straps are ideal for this breast type.


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Breasts that are wide set with tissue that rests mostly on the sides of the body. Women who have east/west breasts can place a fist in the center of their chest.

Bra Fit Tip: Women with east/west breasts benefit from bras with open wires and side slings that bring the breast tissue in, centering the bust inside the body frame.


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Breasts that consist of soft or deflated tissue and often point straight downward with the weight closer to the nipple.

Bra Fit Tip: Women with pendulous breasts can benefit from full coverage bras with a high center gore because they provide perfect containment.


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No two breasts are perfectly even. In this instance we are referencing breasts that are a cup size in difference.

Bra Fit Tip: Women with uneven breasts should look for bras made with fabric that has exceptional stretch characteristics. They should choose the bra size that fits the larger breast comfortably.

Determining your breast shape is the first step in finding bras that will keep you looking and feeling your best. If you’re still unsure about which bra is best for your breast shape, try mybraFit™.

If you have questions, our Service Consultants are available to help.