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mybraFit™ Turns 1! Celebrate with a Bra Fitting

Grab your phones. It’s our one-year bra fit anniversary!

Let’s celebrate with bra fittings! If you haven’t downloaded the mybraFit™ app yet, now’s the perfect time to get started. Bodies change, so it’s super important to stay on top of your current bra size with a yearly bra fitting. And the mybraFit™ app is the easiest way to do that.


Remember: size + shape = your best bra fit.





Imagine a bra that fits so perfectly you never want to take it off. Last year, we reimagined the bra fitting experience with the mybraFit™ app. This convenient, all-in-one app puts our expert bra fitting technique and decades of bra expertise at your fingertips. No measuring tapes. No bra quizzes. No fitting rooms. Just one easy app you can use over and over from the comfort of your home, with customized bra recommendations for your size + shape in only a matter of minutes. Look and feel your best in bra styles fit for you.


Experience mybraFit™ app today!





Amazing App!!
This app delivered way better than expected! I am a big girl and this app was able to sizemy bra perfectly. I ordered two of the suggestions made by the app and both bras were a perfect fit! Not only comfortable but also smoothing my back and complimenting my shape. Extremely satisfied!! Love the app!! Love the bras!!!

– Living Stronger

Game changer!
This app has literally made me so happy! I’m clueless when it comes to my size and I’m too lazy (and embarrassed) to go in and get measured. I used this app and it gave me a *new* size to try. The bras arrived and fit great! I’m telling everyone about it! Thanks for the amazing service, Wacoal!

– Lazynomad

This App is Amazing!
I was a person who’s thinking about bras are “uncomfortable thing”. Now I know bras I had were uncomfortable because of incorrect size. This app is very helpful to find a RIGHT fit bra for you, and ifyou are a person like me, now you are gonna find bras to wear! This app totally changed my stereotype of bras. Thanks. 🙂

– Soloe99

Had to try it. Fairly accurate I got a 36 DD, which is a sister size to the 34DDD I wear in some other brands. Wacoal sizing is also a bit different than other bra brands. I haven’t ordered yet but I am planning to try this size and see how it compares. Overall it was a fun experiment.

– Desiree Dawn


Do you get bra fittings every year? Head over to Real Bra Talk with Wacoal and let us know! Connect with our bra-loving community and top Fit Experts anytime, anywhere.